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Welcome to Way2Bazar.We don’t have a long history as India’s first ever Cricket world cup win or any of the epics of the world.Our journey started in the ending of 2015 with the prospective that online shoping might take away the local market. The estimaton of Way2Bazar team seems to be proved with the current scenario.

Here we enter the arena where the complete downtrodden happens against the local market, We, Way2Bazar advertises the shopes or stores, and by showing the prices where the market is giving to the customers. We are trying hard at our best to give the boostup for the local market with different marketing stratagies.Hence we can assure the stores that the market is well in the hands with a bright future ahead.

This is not the place where our responsibility ends. Our team is continuously working for the shoppers as well as for the customers who are the other important side of Way2Bazar. Our duty is not only to advertise the shops, but also to divert the customers to them which is the main objective for both the cases.

Independent of Choice

The customers are independent to choose from different shops and different item from different locations. Hence the customers can directly purchase where they can avail best discounts with best prices.

Starting from zero, we are now entered into conncetions with hundreds of shops across the East Godavari district. In the near future the team Way2Bazar is eager to enter all the districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, starting from Vishakapatnam which is our next destination.

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We are committed to bring the lost glory to the local market and the joy of shopping with our loved ones.

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If you have any concerns or feedback contact with our customer service by email: or call our phone number: 9154362222, 9154462222.
Way2bazar Office is established at the following address:
Kakinada , Andhra Pradesh .

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